All that sunrise and no place to pull over: March 25 2016

dsc_0160-sleeping-giant-sunriseToday marked the transit from Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie. Got an early start in hopes of catching the arrival of the first Lakers to arrive in Thunder Bay for the season. The motel desk clerk made an error. There were no ships this morning as it was Good Friday morning. But what a beautiful sunrise. Sadly all access to the waterfront was fenced off or I could have captured a beautiful image of the Sleeping Giant with the sun rising across the water. So instead I pinched a few more photos courtesy of a successful Google image search.


Lake_Superior_in_the_WinterMay times in the drive today I caught sight of a great photo op, with no place to pull over. So frustrating. So I stole more photos from Google. My bad. I did, however, have fun playing with a balancing of the engine RPMs with the vehicles KmH. I think I got the best fuel efficiency rolling into Thunder Bay yesterday when fuel consumption dropped to 8.9 litres per 100 km. Today the best I could do was 9.1 litres per 100 km. Not bad for a loaded van with a 4 litre engine.


2014-CSAdventurous-White-DriverSideFrontAngled-720x396Thoughts on the journey, I really need to acquire a decent camper van for the Mother of All Road Trips. Motels are pricey and annoying with the need to load and unload the van. Meals in restaurants (or roadside picnics if it were warmer) are pricey. If I am traveling in my little home away from home there is no loading and unloading, no eating in restaurants and a far more leisurely approach to Definding Canada. I figure at last 10 days to 2 weeks for each province at a minimum. With a camper van the extra cost in fuel is easily offset by the savings in more expensive accommodations and meals.

Now if I can just convince someone (Road Trek – hint hint) to donate a reliable, winterized camper for the adventure. I could provide lots of stories, photos and videos.


GrandIslandLookingUpInteresting to reflect today, as I sped by rock faces covered in icicles, abandoned homes and roadside businesses and tourist stops closed for the season on how much our culture has changed. People fly from place to place creating a dwindling need for small highway gas stations, diners and motels. It’s too bad really, because Canada is so amazingly beautiful with every province presenting a different face in weather, geography and architecture. The landscape shifts from farm to field to rocky cliffs and forests of pine and silver birch. Driving across the eastern half of the prairies I was delighted to see eagles dancing overhead. The magpies of the prairies gave way to the crows of northern Ontario, many of them dancing in pairs in the updrafts by the faces of the escarpment. All in all a beautiful sunshiny day. And tomorrow Ottawa, visits with friends and family and the annual Ottawa gathering of the Order of St George. Then back west again. I have made note of several spots I really must hope for good light and a place to pull over and do a little shutterbugging.


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