Calgary to Regina

Southern AlbertaMade the transit from Calgary to Regina today. Pretty much grey and overcast all day so no opportunity for photos. Borrowed a few through a Google Image search that will have to suffice.

There are sections that are made up of many low lying small hills, or perhaps they are small valleys making the otherwise flat prairie look rolling? It’s that time between seasons, no snow in Alberta and everything is dry and brown, waiting for spring. Snow is still a presence in Saskatchewan.


Southern SaskatchewanNot a lot of traffic on the road, but still the regular trundling herd of long haul trucks. They remind me of some large behemoth, a leftover from prehistory. Rumbling rolling dinosaurs. Sometimes they seem to travel in packs, sometimes solo. The usual Alberta pick-up trucks. Same for Saskatchewan but add a lot of seriously heavy-duty farm equipment moving slowly along the highway. TheAlberta trucks anointed my windshield with the requisite rock chip before I left the province but Canadian Tire in Alberta and Saskatchewan doesn’t do windshield repair. Sigh.


I am always strSouthern Albertauck by how sparsely populated Saskatchewan is. You see a farmstead on one horizon and on the opposite side, again perched on the horizon, is the neighbours farmstead. And of course the occasional abandoned farmhouse, decades old, slowly losing the battle with weather and gravity.




Alberta is wSaskatchewan_-_Grasslands_National_Park_02ell populated with cattle and horses. (didn’t actually see any buffalo) Saskatchewan is more given over to wheat with cattle and horses less evident. More horses than I saw in Alberta.






Old Wives LakeThere are a surprising number of lakes in Southern Saskatchewan and some of them are salt lakes. One in particular Old Wives Lake  is a large saltwater lake located about 30 kilometres southwest of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, as the crow flies. Designated a Migratory Bird Sanctuary due to its large seasonal populations of migratory waterfowl and shorebirds, Old Wives Lake is the largest natural lake in southern Saskatchewan and the fourth largest saline lake in North America.


Weather- twitter- blowing snow - Highway 11 2013_3Approaching Regina the grey overcast weather gave way to fine blowing snow.

Very disappointed in the HI Regina (Canadian Hostel) as I was a little late arriving and had no way to contact someone til the next day. So now I am ensconced in a conventional motel (much more expensive and needless to say more comfortable than I had expected at the hostel). The city was recently hit with a spring snow fall so I traded my regular foot wear for winter boots, donned a parka and gloves and trundled luggage, cameras and computer into the motel. Tomorrow, Kenora.



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