Homeward Bound: April 9 2016

Arrived safely in Calgary after 8 hours of white knuckle driving, battling 45 km head winds with gusts up to 90 km. Clear and sunny but what a wind. Reminded me of the classic old folk song “They Call the Wind Maria”



Shushwap 19 March 2016I was planning to stop in the Shushwap on the way back to Vancouver but I have so much to think about, so much planning, proposal writing, research and writing to do that I am quite anxious to get started.





2014-CSAdventurous-White-DriverSideFrontAngled-720x396Lessons learned:

  1. AirBNB and Hostels will not work for the Mother of All Road Trips. Must find a decent winterized camper. Easier to explore at a leisurely pace, take time to photograph, film and interview. No need to unload and load gear at every overnight stop. Cheaper for food too with my own kitchen.
  2. Explore the online broadcast of set “Webisodes” for Definding Canada and see about sponsors for same. Need a prosumer camera and light/sound set up for this.
  3. Plan a route that allows at least a few weeks for each province.
  4. Research grants for writing, publishing and film production.
  5. Recover my French.
  6. Have the survey translated into French.
  7. Look into prices and best times for flights to Inuvik.
  8. Create a new Crowd Source Funding Campaign.
  9. Start writing the book “Definding Canada”
  10. Start digging into Stats Canada for historical info on Canadian demographics.


But for now, sleep.


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