Regina Saskatchewan: Into the Home Stretch April 8 2016

Laurie and DonsWell, driving across Manitoba was Not the highlight of the trip, but it is now behind me and I am comfortably ensconced in a delightful Regina AirBNB run by Laurie and Don. Theirs is a beautifully done heritage home on a quiet street and I am being quite spoiled by them. Thank you Laurie and Don. And thank you again to Bronwyn in Kenora. Hope you made it safely to California.


Next stop, Calgary and a visit with my brother and sister-in-law, then Roger’s Pass and home.

Saskatchewan_-_Grasslands_National_Park_02Manitoba was snow packed rough highways, bitterly cold for a Vancouverite, with aggressive head winds and cross winds, but otherwise pleasant sunny skies and very little traffic. The highway is very rough west of the Ontario border. I also keep forgetting how flat southern Manitoba can be. The Winnipeg by-pass isn’t that much of a by-pass but better than meandering through the city core. Sufficient roadside fuel and comfort stops but I do miss my Tim’s. And this time I DID see buffalo!



Sask Grain ElevatorsIn Saskatchewan the highway is great. Two lanes in each direction, reasonably well maintained, paralleled by railway tracks, with very little traffic and grain elevators at regular intervals. All fuel and comfort stops, however, require that you exit the highway to a service road first (if you are lucky) or take a side trip to a small town just off the highway.  Almost as though folks would prefer that you just keep driving till you’re across the border into Alberta or Manitoba. And yet, when you do stop folks are wonderfully friendly. Fascinating.

The trip has been worthwhile exploration of the travel and accommodation options for how best to approach the 2017 Mother of All Road Trips. A lot of research, proposal writing and planning to do. I am figuring a week or two for each province, in a winterized camper with either a canine companion or a human assistant/videographer. Too many missed photo ops because there was either no time or no place to safely pull over.

For now, a little much needed sleep before heading to Alberta in the morning.

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