To Hostel or Not to Hostel: April 5 2016

I enjoyed a beautiful day of driving along or near the shores of Georgian Bay on my way from Brantford Ontario to Sault St. Marie Ontario. Bright sunshine and the lake ice definitely in retreat.

Heavy snow in Southern Ontario Sunday night had me a little worried about a Tuesday morning departure, but all it did was add to the scenery. Traffic was light once I was clear of Southern Ontario and almost non-existent along the shores of Georgian Bay.


9792217624_54a5b2ef74_oI grew up in Ontario and spent summers in and around Georgian Bay canoeing and camping. There is a distinct smell to the water in this area, pleasant and reminiscent of my childhood. When I came through decades ago with my own children my first plunge in the lake water at an accessible beach brought it all back to me. Needless to say the water was a little chilly for swimming this trip, not to mention still frozen over in many areas.



IMG_6383Another fond memory of this part of Canada is the exposed Canadian shield rock and the beautiful silver birch. There is an old camping song that refers to the birch, “Land of the Silver Birch” and the beauty in the front yard of my uncle’s Brantford home is a perfect example.







Thunder Bay HighwayThe rock that cradles the highway as it winds around and across countless lakes and rivers ranges in colour from grey and near black to pink and is frequently scored with the drill cores from the blasting necessary to build the highway.





Inukshuk and blasting coresEnterprising folks have taken the time to build little Inukshuk atop the rock faces that line the highway.





I had booked into what was supposed to be a hostel in Sault St. Marie. NOT! It was a seedy hotel in a rather unpleasant part of town so I revisited the motel I enjoyed on the eastbound trip. My luck with hostels has not been great so far this trip. Hopefully it will improve by the time I get to the Shushwap. Kenora and Regina I will be trying out AirBNB.

Minor issue with the van, the key fob remote no longer works. Must find a Chrysler dealer tomorrow to see about a replacement!

Tomorrow night, Thunder Bay.

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