Murtle’s First RV Park March 26 2019

Murtle got her solar panel this morning. A lengthy but otherwise painless (unless you count expense) experience. Tomorrow morning Murtle’s vehicle parts get a mechanical pre-trip so I decided to try a local RV Park. Tonight is my first night in one. Oceanside RV Park to be specific. The landscape is pretty spectacular, and the place is very well maintained, but Murtle, my little RV is quite dwarfed by the monster rigs parked here. I’m surprised at the number of units that are long term, with decks and gazebos built alongside. I cannot imagine living this close, cheek by jowl, for any length of time. Even staying two nights makes me a little uncomfortable, like living in a mobile goldfish bowl. I think I will tend more to Provincial and National Parks for stop overs on the trip north in May. I’m also quite uncomfortable parked on Tsawout First Nation land. There is no reference to that fact in any of the park literature and the advertised beach access is, in fact, a trespass on Tsawout First Nation land. There is a complete disconnect between the guests at the park and the residents right next to the park with each side ignoring the other. Frankly it’s a little spooky.

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