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I retired from the Canadian Armed Forces in September 2012 after serving twelve years as a Naval Officer, Public Affairs. Not a great pension but sufficient to give me the freedom to write, take photos and explore my local, regional and national community of Canada. Love it.

I have enjoyed many road trips across our amazing country, the last from Victoria BC to St John’s Nfld in the late summer and fall of 2013. I always travel with cameras and a laptop and love the sense of adventure and discovery as each day of travel unfolds. Hotels are a luxury and while hosteling or camping are more within my budget I finally acquired a little RV and and can travel with my portable comfort zone. Canada is such a beautiful country with many spectacular places to visit and truly connect with the human and physical geography of the moment.

I also love to write and take photos. Well practiced at the first I am currently enjoying the developmental process in photography, videography and video editing.

I also have some experience in editing and formatting. In November 2014 I celebrated the successful launch of “Afghanistan: A Canadian Story” – a volunteer project conceived by myself and good friend and colleague Major (she was a Captain at the time) Susan Magill in 2010. I was the editor in chief and designer of the book, a collection of the stories and photographs of 150 Canadian men and women who served in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2014. All proceeds went to Canadian military charities. While a very rewarding (and challenging) project, it was a relief to finally conclude my involvement late in 2015. The original hard copy, still available through Chapters, has proceeds now going to support the military and military families through the efforts of the RCEME Guild. The e-version of “Afghanistan: A Canadian Story” is now available on Amazon. In order to enjoy the book you will need to either have an up-to-date Kindle (not the simple black and white Kindles) or install an up-to-date version of the Kindle App on your PC. Mac, tablet, or smart phone. Enjoy!

I was first published in 1991 with a little sewing book I wrote and illustrated called “Short Kutz”. Apparently it sold well. There have been a few articles published since and even a few kids books!

I completed a BA in International Studies at the University of British Columbia in 1996 with my three kids in tow and successfully defended my MA in International Studies, April 2012. Specialty is a little thing called Strategic Paradigm which I plan to apply to my study of Canadian identity.

In April 2015 I was invested into the Order of St George so can now claim the title of Dame. My, my.

I have three happy, healthy and productive grown children and a growing crew of delightful grandchildren. The grandbabies are coming to learn that when “Nana” goes on a “big trip” she does, eventually, return and often with interesting gifts, pictures and stories from far places. I retired to the Southern Gulf Islands of the Pacific Northwest and enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle in my spare time. I’m currently completing the revision of my MA thesis into a more comprehensive and reader-friendly exploration of the concept of Strategic Paradigm. Wait for it! It’s essential to Definding Canada. More to follow.

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