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Doing a Selfie Video for Definding Canada

Struggling with how to do your own selfie interview? It should be easy enough to do if you have video capability with your smart phone. With the phone on camera mode, set it to take your own picture then select video mode. Ready, set film . . .

Tell us your first name, the area where you live, what you do, and the values and characteristics that you believe you share with most Canadians. And that’s it!


MeetJanine Janine, an educator, wife and mother from Southern Vancouver Island.








A few tips on creating your Definding Canada Selfie:

1. Identify yourself – just your first name, where your ancestors came from, where you live and what you do. Keep it general to avoid concerns about identity theft etc.
2. What do you think defines you as a Canadian? Think in terms of how your geographical region influences what you do for a living, for education, etc. How do you think the rather larger geography of Canada influences your identity?
3. What aspects of your identity do you think are common to all Canadians, regardless of ethnicity, age, gender or occupation.
4. Keep a video selfie under 3 minutes and a written selfie under 300 words.
5. If you are posting a written selfie, try to include a photo you’ve taken that relates to your words.

You can upload your Definding Canada Selfies to the project Face Book page or share them at the project You Tube page.


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